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Weber Durablade
Slice for slice to success.

Blade expertise from the market leader for slicers.

The slicer blade, as the heart of every slicer, is the component that comes into contact with every slice and determines the quality of the sliced product. It influences the maximum cutting performance with which the product can be sliced, ensures a frictionless slicing operation, has a decisive influence on the placement of the portion and, last but not least, determines give-away and yield. As the world market leader, we have many years of specific know-how and knowledge about the importance of slicer blades for the slicing process Which is why we have built up numerous areas of expertise around the topic of blades, all of which have one goal: to optimize your production. 

Own development & production.

Weber blade factory in Groß Nemerow.

The involute and circular blade at the heart of the slicers are developed and manufactured in-house at Weber and marketed worldwide under the Durablade brand. A clear advantage: blade and slicer know-how come from a single source and are therefore perfectly coordinated. In 2005 , the  Weber blade factory in Groß Nemerow (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) went into operation. About 60 employees work here in the areas of research and development, design and production. 

Thanks to highly automated production and state-of-the-art technology, not only is maximum precision achieved, but reproducible blade quality is also ensured. In addition to the production of new blades, used circular and involute blades are also professionally reconditioned by the Weber specialists. About 10,000 new and 3,500 reconditioned slicer blades leave the halls in Groß Nemerow every year. In addition to the continuous monitoring and control of the processes within the individual production steps, every blade produced is comprehensively tested and measured before delivery. This is how we ensure consistently high quality that you can rely on.

High quality. Impressive results.

Weber Durablade.

Weber Durablade blades stand for hygiene, precision, slicing quality, durability and longevity and implement impressive results even in demanding applications. The portfolio comprises a total of approx. 400 involute blades and 100 circular blades - with toothed or smooth blade edges, without or with different coatings as well as in numerous sizes and radii. They are made of stainless steel and convince not only by their high quality, but also by their 30% longer service life than blades from other manufacturers. For simple operation and to ensure correct sharpening, an RFID chip is installed into all Durablade involute blades. All relevant sharpening parameters are already stored for you here. 

Your benefits


  • Involute and circular blades made from rust-proof stainless steel
  • Perfect slicing quality for every product 
  • Great blade quality at an attractive price
  • Maximum hygiene, reliability, and durability of the blades 
More profitability through time & cost savings.

Weber Messer Consulting.

There are many good slicer blades. But not all of them is suitable for your special products. The efficiency of your production is also determined by the correct handling of the blades and sharpening devices . You can therefore rely on the in-depth know-how of our Weber blade experts. For many years, they have been exclusively concerned with research, progress and production technology of Weber slicer blades and support you in optimizing your cutting processes and cutting results. 

Your benefits

  • Less slicing waste: perfect cutting results and product deposition thanks to the use of the right blade 
  • Less resharpening: increased efficiency and profitability of your  slicer thanks to less downtime 
  • Less wear: optimized sharpening processes increase in reliability and durability of the blades 
  • Altogether: more profitability through time and cost savings 
Durablade Consulting by Weber Maschinenbau