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Get the most out of your product with holistic yield management.

Maximize yield with efficient product handling.

Swiss cheese, raw ham, bacon – when it comes to processing non-uniform natural products, the smallest details can make a significant difference in your production's overall profitability. Maximizing yield is important as it represents real money. Getting the most out of your product depends on various factors and requires know-how.

Comprehensive integration.

Communication is key.

Through decades of experience in sliced meat production we know what's important. Together with you, we can customize a variety of technical solutions for each step in the production process, and help you achieve your goals. But even the best performing components only work seamlessly together if they communicate with each other. Uncompromising integration and data-exchange between line modules brings equals benefits for you. We supply intelligently networked complete line solutions from a single source. Think of one line becoming a single unit through continuous, bidirectional data exchange across the entire line.

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Cheese block is divided by the weDIVIDE into six blocks
weDIVIDE 7000.

Perfect preparation for increased output.

When it comes to processing cheese products, good preparation is particularly important. This is why we developed the Weber weDIVIDE 7000 cheese block divider. Whether processing Euroblock style cheese, cheddar blocks, or cheese wheels, the weDIVIDE divides the raw product into uniform cheese blocks and prepares them for further processing to achieve the highest possible yield.

wePRESS 5000.

More yield. More automation.

We also have the perfect product for preparing uneven natural products such as raw ham, streaky or back bacon: The Weber forming press wePRESS 5000 shapes your products perfectly, which is essential for achieving maximum yield. The more uniform and precisely formed the product, the higher the waste reduction and the yield – even for irregularly shaped, natural products. With this product preparation, manual trimming has become a thing of the past and optimum output a given.

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Bild eines weSCAN 5000 Lasers
Yield-Management down to the smallest detail.

Laser and X-ray scanning technology.

Precise scanning is critical for optimum and high-performance processing of raw product in order to achieve maximum yield. Laser or X-ray scanning technology may be the right option, depending on the product you want to process. For processing natural products such as bacon or raw ham, we recommend using a scanner with laser technology. Our weSCAN 3000 and 5000 model guarantee scanning precision at maximum scanning speed. For products with major density variations, an X-ray scanner is recommended. With the Weber weSCAN 7000 X-ray scanner, density and weight can be accurately measured for maximum product yield and profitability of your production.

Weber Slicer: Precision with every slice.

Product feeding and slicing technology.

When you hear “Weber”, slicers immediately come to mind. Nowadays, you know us as a leading solutions provider for complete slicing and packaging lines. Since we made our name in the slicing sector back in the 1980s, Weber has been setting standards in the food processing industry ever since. It all began in 1986 with the Weber Slicer CCS 7000. With the development of our first slicer, we disrupted the slicing machine market once and for all. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, this slicer had a new, revolutionary concept of hygiene and a performance capacity that far surpassed other machines on the market. What's more, the Weber Slicer CCS 7000 was able to do something that no other machine had been able to do before: Precision slice the Swiss specialty “Bündnerfleisch”. This represented a milestone in the slicing technology industry and cemented our leading position in the slicer market. Today, the Weber slicer portfolio offers a wide range of slicers for different performance classes, automation levels, and applications.

Details are crucial in ensuring that our slicers can develop their full potential. Product feeding and product grippers play a key role in achieving perfect slicing results. Even if your product has been perfectly prepared, accurately measured, and weighed, if the infeed to the slicer is not clean, even the best preparation will be in vain. And you lose money as a result. That's why at Weber, we rely on servo technology to guarantee precise and stable infeeding of your product to the slicer's cutting edge. Our optional vario technology can even provide track-specific control. The number of slices, slice thickness, and portion weight can be controlled independently on each track. This maximizes yield and achieves well-balanced portions with minimal give-away, even with products that are not perfectly calibrated or when products are fed into multiple tracks. Product yield can be further increased by using vacuum grippers rather than needle grippers. Vacuum grippers can also be used for track-based feeding.  Additionally, vacuum grippers increase yield for a variety of products such as cheese, as end piece sizes are significantly reduced.

Weber weSHARP 7000 sharpening center grinder mounted blade
Weber Durablade.

The blades make the difference.

As the market leader in the slicing sector, we understand how important the slicing blade is. We develop and manufacture our circular and involute blades in stainless steel under the brand name Durablade at our own blade factory in Groß Nemerow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Weber Durablade stands for hygiene, precision, cutting quality, durability, and longevity. Our extensive portfolio of around 500 different blade types has the perfect blade for every product and application. After all, the best slicer can only achieve perfect slicing results with the right blade that is specifically designed for your product. To ensure that you get the best out of every cut, our blade experts are available to offer advice and support.


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