PickRobot Single
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Select one of the extensions above to adapt the infeed output of the Weber PickRobot to your individual requirements.

Weber wePICK: high-efficient placement of product into packaging.

The Weber PickRobot stands for the uncompromising automation of slicing applications. Specifically adapted to your application area, it can be used flexibly for all insertion tasks and is available in five different executions: SmartPicker, single, double, triple or quad PickRobot.

As powerful and highly efficient automation components with up to 230 picks per minute, the robots integrate perfectly into your line and ensure maximum performance. In combination with the Weber wePACK, loading portions into an advancing index is possible, which maximizes performance even better than ever before. A unique and open hygienic construction aligned with a IP69 protection class do combine automation and the highest hygiene requirements in the processing of sliced goods.

Technical Data — PickRobot Single

Air pressure (bar)
min. 6
Compressed air consumption (l/min)
Standard 140
Compressed air port
Coupling plug AG 1/4 NW 7 m
Power rating (kW)
Height (mm)
Maximum load capacity incl. gripper
3 kg
Infeed output (picks/min)
Portion turning or correction
any angle
Power supply (V/Hz/A)
Euro standard plug CEE, 16 A, 200 V– 600 V three-phase current, 50/60 Hz (depending on the country)
Width (mm)

Product Videos


  • Increased flexibility, reduced labor costs, fast cleaning
  • Multi-variety and multi-layer packaging in the smallest possible space (overlapping, 90° rotation, variable portion shapes)
  • Complete filling of the packaging with overlapping portions
  • Human contact virtually eliminated
  • Improved food safety
  • Processing of all common portion shapes and sizes
  • Variable number of lanes and layers
  • Fully automatic layer correction
  • Touchscreen can be operated from both sides
  • Gripper with quick change device
  • Double gripper
  • Insertion in the running tray

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