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End-of-Line Equipment

From separating and labeling to quality checks of the primary packaging, we combine clever, detailed solutions to create even stronger line solutions. This also includes the integration of first-class quality control of cold cuts packaging. With this end-of-line equipment, quality control requirements have been implemented for you over the entire line.

Intuitive separating & buffering system


The weSORT is an intelligent separation and buffer system, which was specifically designed to increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the cold cuts production and is the perfect completion of a Weber complete line. The weSORT can be individually adjusted to the needs and conditions on-site. For example, large quantities of packs can be divided into two lanes or redundancy can be created for greater process reliability. In addition, the innovative system is able to store entire format sets in integrated buffer cabinets.  

In addition to buffering and lane separation, the Weber weSORT is also able to automatically and reliably detect empty packs and reject them together with bad packs via a separate conveyor belt. This increases process reliability significantly. The integrated quality drawer makes a further contribution to quality and process reliability. At freely selectable intervals, the drawer can be used to conveniently remove entire pull-outs for regular checking of the packing quality and for testing the residual oxygen content. 


  • Lane separating to 1 or 2 lanes 
  • Discharge of empty and bad packs 
  • Reduction of the potential for errors. Your operating personnel will have more time to take action in the event of a malfunction