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Product preparation

Good preparation is key for process automation and efficiency during production. Our peeling machine makes casing removal from sausage and cheese products quick and easy. The weDIVIDE 7000 cheese block divider makes higher yield possible by dividing the raw product into uniform cheese blocks and preparing them for further processing. The Weber wePRESS 5000 forming press perfectly shapes uneven natural products such as raw ham, streaky or back bacon which minimizes product slicing loss and maximizes yield.

Peeling machine CCP

The Log Peeler CCP fully automatically and hygienically removes the casing from sausage and cheese products. The machine can be put together individually. A clear distinction between gray zones and hygiene zones…

weDIVIDE 7000

The Weber cheese block divider weDIVIDE 7000 is the perfect start for a highly productive and highly automated line. Fully integrated or as a stand-alone, the weDIVIDE divides Euro or cheddar blocks as well as…

wePRESS 5000
More performance, more yield, more automation, more sustainability through better utilization of the raw material and continuous production: With the Weber forming press wePRESS 5000 products such as streaky…