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Retail Bacon

Automation in the industry’s most compact footprint – maximize lbs/sq foot and lbs/man hour

Food Service

Seamless sheeting, stacking and handling at rates up to 150 sheets/minute

Stack Pack

Efficient stack pack solutions that deliver bacon to the most robust zipper thermoforming machine on the market

Your bacon solution. From One Supplier. Total Integration.

A growing, profitable, and sustainable business.

With over 2 billion lbs. of bacon processed in North America annually and 3-4% of projected market growth, bacon offers a great opportunity for processors to capitalize on. While exciting in terms of market potential, processing bacon is uniquely challenging. The irregular shape and consistency of pork belly makes process automation difficult, particularly when it comes to traditional slicing and packaging processes. Further, labor market conditions, such as staff shortages and increased labor costs have added further pressure on the bottom line for bacon processors.

At Weber, we’ve worked with YOU to understand your goals when it comes to bacon. From weight-accurate slicing to careful handling and precise infeeding, presenting high quality portions into the package, Weber bacon solutions are customized to solve these unique challenges – making bacon possible with less people, more throughput in the shortest square footage, and more streamlined data.

Efficient. Flexible. Integrated.

Solutions to optimize your bacon production.

  • Labor effective solutions for both automated and manual production that increase lbs/man hour.
  • Increased throughput of up to 100% when compared to traditional bacon slicing and packaging lines. Slice and Pack up to 85 portions/minute.
  • True Integration – a holistic approach that ties together the line mechanically, electrically, and digitally. Think one machine where functions communicate harmoniously instead of multiple machines that can easily get out of sync.
  • Reduced labor -> more throughput -> increased food safety -> higher quality = more profit.
Food Service
  • Industry leading speed, up to 150 18” sheets per minute.
  • Reduced re-work with more effective automation – with dynamic slice position monitoring, get slices onto paper, stacked, and into package more efficiently.
  • The weUNDERLEAVE sets new standards in terms of design simplicity - reducing time for paper changes and during disassembly for/reassembly after cleaning. Save time with more open and hygienic designed components.
  • Better stacking – reduce the mess and re-work. Utilizing unique sheet control, the weSTACK manages paper and stack quality better than ever before.
  • Less labor -> faster change-over -> highest stack quality = more profit.
Stack Pack
  • Reduced line footprint with more integrated slicing, handling and packaging solutions. Create space for more production.
  • Make Zipper Easy with the wePACK 7000. Offering the industry’s most robust machine design, the wePACK 7000 is built to better support the zipper sealing process.
  • Less flexing -> better tracking and control -> less wrinkles and leakers = more profit.

weSLICE 5500

  • The weSLICE 5500 is Weber’s slicing solution custom developed to meet the needs of the North American bacon market.
  • With high output and superior slice quality, its compact design leveraging the streamlined integration of scanning technology, allows this slicer to set a new benchmark for bacon operations in terms of footprint utilization and performance.

wePACK 7000

  • The most robust thermoformer on the market, facilitating improved performance and higher uptime.
  • With Weber's One Control philosophy, integrating the wePACK 7000 seamlessly with other line components, saving space, and making operators' lives easier.
  •  Simplified lifting systems are lubrication free and easy to maintain. Reduces time spent on maintenance and excess cost of ownership. 
From operator to supervisor.

Easy operation of all modules from a single location.

  • Weber OneControl allows for control of all modules from a single location.
  • Weber's Intuitive Operating System, Weber Power Control, functions just like a smartphone, making navigation easy and straightforward.
  • Many components, one interface: All Weber systems use common HMI and navigation principles.
  • Equipped with sensor technology to reduce need for operator input.
No matter how you slice it - a world class solution is waiting for you.

Let Weber help you revolutionize your bacon production.


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