Deli is sliced in the slicer and the cold cuts are sustainably separated using SprayTech technology.
Efficient & hygienic solutions for your production.

Slice, transport & package deli meats.

The deli meat market is highly competitive. High price pressure determines daily business, making every cent and every package counts. At the same time, deli meat producers face incredibly high hygiene requirements. This means you face different and individual challenge at every processing step. With our line solutions, you can master the daily challenges of your deil meat production with ease.

Let yourself be inspired by our processing solutions for the vast selection of deli meats: from hygienic product preparation, to weight-accurate slicing and automated insertion, to the desired presentation in the packaging.

Listen, understand, implement: together with Weber to the perfect deli meat solution.
Listen. Understand. Implement.

Your line success is found in the details.

Understanding your requirements, goals and needs is the first step in delivering your custom solution.

Which performance requirements do you have on the technology? Are there any special technical features that have to be built into the production process? What are your needs regarding portioning, presentation and packaging? Automation and presentation are important to both you and your end customer, so how can we address those needs? Do you want to build up capacities with a new production line or should components be replaced or added to existing slicing lines?

Through discovery and planning we create intimate connections with your organization's team and align with your production goals. We understand every facility and partner is different, which is why you won't be delivered a cookie cutter solution.

Ultimate solution for processors with a wide product range.

One high performing processing solution for a variety of meat and deli products within a small footprint that had the flexibility to produce multiple portion shapes and designs. Our solution: a complete line from Weber tailored to the exact customer need and that will enable our customer to master any production challenges.

Shaved Meat Applications Without Compromises.

Shaved Meat in particularly large portions with double line capacity, maximum hygiene and minimum personal costs. With two lines built to mirror each other, we have mastered this challenge and redefined the world of mono applications: For loading and operating both lines with only two operators needed!

Innovative Technology made for you

Highly automated. High-performance. Value-adding.
For your entire line.

Deli meat portions being picked and inserted by a Weber pick robot
Maximum automation
  • The Weber portfolio offers automation solutions for different requirements. For example, choose between the automatic infeeder with weLOAD or one of the wePICK pick robots for savings in the areas of personnel, line length and floor space
  • Quick set-up and loading times: tool-free conversion of all Weber slicers, good accessibility to all machines and components
  • Experience the highest level of automation with integrated complete lines. Your production lines have comprehensive networking without interface problems, which yields savings in line length and floor space
  • Simple, automated and hygienic product preparation with the wePEEL peeling machine
Deli meat stack portions being transported
Increased profit and profitability
  • With Weber solutions you achieve the highest production (minimum give-away, minimum end pieces, maximum yield) and thus get everything out of your raw product
  • Weber's SprayTech interleaver technology sprays shelf-life extension agents (bioprotection) on each individual slice to extend the best-used by date
  • Save personnel in the infeed area. Our automatic infeeder the weLOAD reduces the need for manual correction of the application
  • Maximum output, maximum throughput: our line solution around the WEBER Slicer TS700 is the solution preferred worldwide and tailored specifically to the requirements of your applications
  • Save energy costs using our self-developed and manufactured Durablade circular and involute blades. These blades allow you to slice your deli meat products even warm
Weber Power Control for salami processing lines.
From operator to supervisor.

Intuitive operation of all modules from one location.

  • Just like with the web technology in your smart phone, Weber's Intuitive operating system (HMI) works just the same
  • Many components, one interface: HMI is the same on all Weber systems
  • Weber OneControl is able to monitor and control all modules from one location
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Equipped with sensor technology for avoiding operating errors
  • Intelligent allocation of user rights via RFID identification
Weber, your deli meat partner

Success integrated in every detail

  • Experience complete line solutions for processing and packaging of deli meat from one source
  • We partner with your team to create a plan that achieves your optimal solutions, including project management for third-party components when applicable
  • Our team is there for you. You trust in planning reliability through comprehensive support and worldwide service even after delivery and start of production
Weber is a strong partner of food processing companies.
Hygienic. Powerful. Efficient.

Maximum hygiene for your deli meat production.

  • Weber's SprayTech interleaver technology sprays shelf-life extension agents (bioprotection) on each individual slice to extend the best-used by date
  • Weber Hygiene Design allows for easy and quick cleaning of all components due to our open design and construction which surpasses the latest hygiene standards
  • Comprehensive inspection capability through optionally available Plexiglas bonnets Tool-free, fast changeover
  • Explore the Weber Academy which includes special hygiene training courses for your operating personnel
Deli is sliced in the slicer and the cold cuts are sustainably separated using SprayTech technology.
Diversity designed for your needs

Effectively put your deli meats in the limelight with Weber

Your customers' eyes make the purchase, every time. It doesn't matter which layout, presentation or type of portioning you want for your deli meat application, we will put your product in the limelight effectively. With Weber technology there are no limits to your ideas, so whether you need shingled, stacked, shaved or folded Weber has a solution for it.

Perfect product presentation at Point of Sale.

Sustainable and safe forms of packaging.

In addition to the appealing presentation at the point of sale, the protection and minimum shelf life of your sliced deli meats are particularly important success factors. For you, this means more profitability and sustainability, for end consumers it means more food safety and taste. Therefore, you should not have to make any compromises when choosing the right packaging for your deli meat applications.

Our experts will advise you on all topics concerning the design of your packaging as well as on the choice of the appropriate packaging material. Regardless of whether you decide to use a paper-based foil, PP, mono-PET or APET or if you want a classic MAP packaging or a multi-layered packing made of soft foil: all packaging materials can be processed with our wePACK thermoforming packaging machine. Naturally different foils can be processed on one machine, to ensure that your line is also equipped for future requirements.

Deli meat portion packed in flowpack


Deli meat portion thermoforming package application


Deli meat portion packaged in trays


Do you want to package your sliced deli meat in trays or tubular bags? No problem! We are happy to integrate tray sealers or flow packers into your Weber line as alternative packaging machines to the thermoformer and take care of seamless integration without interfaces for a smooth production process.

One partner does it all.

Complete line solutions from a single source.

Being a solution provider we are passionate about matching your catalog of requirements to your project - whether being individual components such as slicers and automation solutions or complex slicing lines. Our broad portfolio offers a wide range of options from product preparation to slicing, buffer, loading and infeed systems to packaging machines and end-of-line equipment. Especially when integrated together, our components unfold their full potential and enrich your deli meat production to it's maximum capacity.


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