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Whether it's sausage, ham, cheese, bacon or products made from vegetable proteins, every product category has its own challenges and every process phase its own Weber solution. Complete lines are just as much our strength as clever, individual, detailed modules. Your benefit by choose one partner,  no matter the place on your production whether it be slicing all the way to packaging, you get everything from one source at Weber. This means all components are perfectly matched and communicate with each other throughout the entire process. We develop uncompromising concepts so that you do not have to make any compromises with regard to quality and efficiency.

Peel. Divide. Press.

Product preparation

Good preparation is key for process automation and efficiency during production. Our peeling machine makes casing removal from sausage and cheese products quick and easy. The weDIVIDE 7000 cheese block divider makes higher yield possible by dividing the raw product into uniform cheese blocks and preparing them for further processing. The Weber wePRESS 5000 forming press perfectly shapes uneven natural products such as raw ham, streaky or back bacon which minimizes product slicing loss and maximizes yield.

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Yield Management

For higher efficiency and yield, we rely on optical systems and precise weighing technology. This ensures the slicer knows exactly what and how to slice. Depending on the product and its specific requirements, we offer laser or X-ray scanning technology for optimal product processing. With our checkweigher, each portion weight is measured and feedback given to the slicer to accurately determine future weight and accurate portion control.

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Precise. Durable. Hygienic.


Precise cutting results are our top priority. This is why we continue to set new standards in the food processing industry with our slicers. Being soft mild cheese or hard raw ham, with Weber you will find the optimum slicer for every product and every requirement.

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Innovative. Future-oriented. Sustainable.


Every day we look for new and better solutions to make your life easier. Solutions that make your sliced meat and cheese production even more efficient or economical. Solutions that automate processes or save material and contribute to more sustainability. Whatever arises from the market or your end customer, with us you are well equipped for the future.   

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Picking. Transporting. Infeeder.


With our automated transport, loading and infeeder solutions, you do not only simplify your processes, you also optimize the end result. Using other Weber components, sliced portions or even whole sandwiches can be transported, buffered and inserted via our automation solutions. The result gives you high output, minimal personnel costs and effort for maintenance as well as maximum hygiene and food safety.

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Quick. Flexible. Safe.


After precise slicing and gentle transport, comes safely packed. When it comes to packaging, cleanliness is what counts in addition to efficiency and flexibility. Ease of maintenance and service, an intelligent hygienic design and a high degree of automation of our thermoforming packaging machines guarantee maximum food safety. Our thermoformers process all common and sustainable packaging materials and enable you to produce individual packaging designs for attractive product presentations at the point of sale.

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Print. Label. Mark.

Package labeling

In addition to meeting legal labeling requirements, interesting and customized packaging designs at the point of sale (POS) significantly contribute to optimal product presentation and increased sales. To ensure that your products stand out at the POS, we offer you fully integrated printing and labeling solutions. Our flexible solutions impress with quick setup times and the realization of fast cycle sequences and the largest possible format ranges. Moreover, absolute precision and position-accurate printing and labeling as well as repeatability are also guaranteed. For comprehensive process reliability and greater efficiency of your packaging lines.

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End-of-Line equipment

From separating and labeling to quality checks of the primary packaging, we combine clever detailed solutions to even stronger line solutions. This also includes the integration of first-class quality control of cold cuts packaging. With this end-of-line equipment, we implement our quality requirements for you over the entire line.

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Efficient. Individual. Durable

Blade expertise

Even the best slicer only achieves perfect slicing results if you use a suitable blade. As a global market leader, we have many years of experience and know the significance of the blades for the slicing process. This is why we develop and manufacture our Durable circular and involute blades ourselves. Depending on the production requirements, these are coated, uncoated, with or without teeth. Naturally, we also have the matching sharpening equipment for each solution, which allows for the convenience of short setup times and careful processing of the blade. We even have the capability to integrate a complete sharpening center into your line that you can use to sharpen all Weber blades precisely and highly-efficiently.

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High-Quality. High-Performance. Durable


Made for trade, medium-sized businesses or the food industry, our broad portfolio of derinding, skinners and defatting machines is precisely tailored to the respective area of application with regard to performance and functionality. This technology always offers you the right solution for professional and safe carving processes. Thanks to the well thought-out and consequently implemented hygiene design, all Weber skinners are child's play to clean. You profit from the simple and ergonomic operating properties, short cleaning times as well as the highest hygiene standards.

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