weSHARP 7000

weSHARP 7000
Product Details
  • Active cooling and rinsing of the sharpening disc
  • Precision sharpening process thanks to servo drives
  • Comfortable handling via touchscreen
  • Perfect system match with Weber components
  • Safe and ergonomic working


Get the most out of your slicer blades! With the weSHARP 7000 sharpening center, you can quickly and easily get the ideal cutting properties of your blades, even after intensive use in the slicer. The weSHARP 7000 is suitable for the machining of all Weber durable blade performance, involute and circular knives, and guarantees a precise and reproducible sharpening result with minimal material loss of the cutting edge.

Thanks to program recognition and data storage, the sharpening process can be completed in the shortest possible time, and the use of tool-free fast-change systems also ensures that setup times are kept to a minimum. Since the weSHARP 7000 Weber is the result of its own dedicated development and production processes, it is clearly no exception to the usual high-quality stainless steel machining as well as well-known Weber hygiene design.

User-friendly, ergonomic, efficient, high-quality: ensure your blades' sharpness with the weSHARP 7000 and optimize your overall plant efficiency!

Technical Data — weSHARP 7000

Sharpening angle
15°-40° (infinitely adjustable)
Height (mm)
Length (mm)
Power supply (V/Hz/A)
400/50/16 (optional special connections)
Weight (kg)
Width (mm)

Product Videos

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  • Simple operation with RFID technology
  • Sharpening of all Durablade circular and involute blades
  • Precise and reproducible sharpening result

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