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X-ray Scanner CPS-X

CPS-X 1200
Product details

The X-ray scanner is available in different sizes, to match your product.


The products to be sliced are fed to the X-ray scanner next to each other in more lanes. The mass allocation of each product is determined in a continuous-flow process for each individual product by means of X-ray technology. After determining the mass, the products are then weighed on the integrated weighing station according to their individual lane. The system features a two-stage safety guarding for its radiation source. Special applications for the CPS-X are: the weight-accurate slicing of cheese with eyes and products where their components have great differences in density (fat to lean ratio).


  • Detection of foreign objects: in addition to ensuring reliable production, detecting foreign objects also protects units located downstream. Foreign objects detection, e.g. with stainless steel > Ø = 3 mm, glass/ceramic > Ø = 8 mm (product-dependent).
  • Grading: in addition to the standard identification of density over the length of a product, the unique Dual Energy Technology of Weber allows the true grade to be discovered. This technology can be used to determine the fat/lean ratio at every position.

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Technical Data — CPS-X 1200

Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Scanning technology
X-ray system
Scanning area (mm)
Max. scannable product length (mm)
Max. scannable product width (mm)
Number of tracks


  • Up to six products in one scan cycle
  • Weight-accurate slicing of cheese with eyes
  • Density determination for products with large density differences (fat/lean content
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